2023 Faber Scholarship Recipients for Writing a Novel check-in

We asked the recipients of the 2023 Faber Writing A Novel Scholarships for a progress report and their feedback is illuminating.

The winter break for our 2023 Writing a Novel students is a great time to find out how participation in the program is helping these aspiring novelists make headway on their works-in-progress.

Writing a Novel – Melbourne

Anneliz Marie Erese – Reflection

It is no secret that writers harbour incredible self-doubt, compounded by the fact that the act of writing itself is largely a self-directed practice. As a scholar of the Faber Writing Academy, I feel seen for my abilities to write a novel and that I am taken seriously as a writer, and it has provided me with the luxury of time and space to work on the project.

Each week, the depth and extent of the course topics, texts used, exercises provided, as well as the expertise of tutors Emily Bitto and Miles Allinson, have been beyond helpful in tackling an unwieldy novel. It is also extremely gratifying to be surrounded by people with the same passion and dedication towards their own projects, and to see how we all grow together and get invested in each other’s stories. The workshop sessions have been my favourite because I learn to have a critical eye when reading other people’s works and gain another perspective on my progress. I also appreciate the variety of guest speakers who write different genres of fiction and having an insight into their practice and experiences in the publishing industry.

All in all, I am incredibly thankful and proud to be part of the Faber Writing Academy. The people I met have become my friends, and there is no better gift than the gift of community in a world as solitary as writing.

Writing a Novel – Brisbane

From Delila Bevan Zavadsky

I feel so incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in the Faber Writing a Novel Course in Brisbane this year. It has allowed for the space to delve deep into creativity and overcome hurdles that I have encountered along the way writing my manuscript. 

Emily O’Grady is an absolute dream to work with. She has a really natural teaching style which leads to inspiring conversations and learning. The group has been so supportive, and the critiques have been invaluable. I am sure we will continue to send each other work, and offer each other feedback, long after the course has finished. 

The Faber course has given me exactly what I have needed to feel supported and encouraged in completing my manuscript. I now have the confidence to move forward with the project and have a deeper understanding of the publishing industry.

I would 100% recommend this course to anyone who is endeavouring to write long form, or those interested in starting a writing project.

Writing a Novel – Online

From Therese Sylvester – My 2023 Faber Writing Scholarship experience

When I stumbled upon the 2023 Faber Writing scholarship, I knew I had to apply. The writing sample I submitted was from a novel I kept abandoning because I launched my writing career with short stories publications, and the long-form intimidated me. 

The course has really helped me overcome all those mental hurdles I had stacked in my way. Carrie Tiffany is a thoughtful and professional tutor. She makes the novel writing process less daunting, her class is interactive and the writing exercises apply across genres. Being amongst other writers and workshopping each other’s work allows me to witness other people’s growth, and I learn so much from their feedback.

This scholarship has been an amazing opportunity and I’m grateful. 

Writing a Novel – Sydney

From Nina Wilton

The Writing a Novel course has been an invaluable opportunity for me to learn the building blocks of crafting a longer writing project and to develop my practice as a writer more generally. It provided me with dedicated time every week for my project and to hone my skills – something I’ve never been able to balance alongside work and other commitments.

The prospect of tackling a novel is daunting, and the course broke all of the components of a novel down into approachable parts. I feel more confident in my ability to not only write better but to actually complete my project, and I am grateful to Faber Writing Academy for this opportunity to learn and receive guidance from Margo, Gretchen and Eleanor.

Applications are open for our Writing A Novel classes in Sydney, Brisbane and online and for 2024 Faber Writing Scholarships. For more information visit our Writing a Novel information page.