Congratulations Gabriella Kelly-Davies – book to publish in August 2021

Gabriella Kelly-Davies’ biography Breaking through the pain barrier has been signed by Hawkeye Books in Queensland.

Breaking through the pain barrier charts the life and career of Dr Michael J. Cousins AO, a trailblazing Australian pain medicine researcher and clinician who pioneered novel pain treatments such as epidural analgesia and closed-loop spinal stimulation. He was also an advocate for people struggling with chronic pain. The biography explores the way historic events and larger forces shaped Michael and how he in turn shaped pain research, treatment, education and policy. It also highlights the personality traits that enabled Michael to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges and accept countless personal sacrifices.

Michael treated Gabriella in 2005 after a cycling accident two decades earlier left her with crippling daily migraines.

In Breaking through the pain barrier her story and the stories of some of Michael’s many patients are woven into the narrative to show how his progressive treatment approaches improved our lives.

The biography launch is in August 2021 as part of Painaustralia’s 10-year anniversary celebrations.

Gabriella Kelly-Davies won the 2020 Scholarship for Writing True Stories with Patti Miller.