Author to Author – exactly what I needed by Annie de Monchaux

Annie de Monchaux, the first person to complete our Author to Author mentoring program, enjoyed a nurturing, inspiring and instructive experience.

The Author to Author programme was exactly what I needed.  Having a full draft I found I’d gone blind to why my plot was “off”. The mentor untangled the knot I’d got myself in so I could move on – thrilled. 

The mentee drives the focus of the sessions so the 10 weeks is enormously effective. In addition, during the mentor’s scrutiny of pieces submitted, I was made aware of things I could further develop and tweak. For example; to pursue the lyricism that exists within sentences and between them.

I could list many more benefits to the programme. In a nutshell though Author to Author was a nurturing, inspiring and instructive process.

Annie de Monchaux worked with Kristina Olsson