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News from Faber Writing Academy Tutors and Students

Winning a 2020 Faber Writing Scholarship for Writing a Novel made a difference for two writers.

Follow the link to find out how the experience has changed Coco Huang and Sanaz Fatouhi

Read their statements here.

Rob and KatherineWe asked R.W.R.McDonald to tell us more about the new online five-week Crime Fiction Lab course he has developed with Katherine Kovacic.

We've learnt:

• It will be great for beginners through to emerging writers
• There will be wonderful guest speakers
• It will be fun

Read the full interview here.

SimmoneWhat is this thing called YA? with award-winning author Simmone Howell

Simmone Howell tells us a little about:

• The emergence and antecedents of Young Adult writing
• Young adult writing and freedom of genre
• Her path to publication
• Her goals for the course

Read Simmone Howell's interview here.

HIlary blogAdvice for YA writers from Hilary Reynolds, Senior Editor, Children and Young Adults, Allen & Unwin

Hilary Reynolds draws on years of experience to offer the following things to think about when writing for young adults:

Pace - trim, trim, trim
Authenticity - writing down, stereotypes and cardboard cutouts
Voice - go to the source, keep the reader 'in' the experience
Representation - culture, respect and willingness to listen

Read Hilary Reynolds' advice to writers.

Elise ValmorbidaElise Valmorbida introduces her course Migration Stories

Elise Valmorbida returns to Australia in March and will teach her course Migration Stories in both Sydney and Melbourne. We asked her to tell us a little about the course and her writing.

Read Elise Valmorbida's interview here.

Kristina OlssonKristina Olsson on what it takes to be a successful novelist

Kristina Olsson will lead our first Brisbane based program, Writing a Novel, to be presented at Avid Reader starting 16 June 2020. Here she tells us what it takes to succeed as a novelist, what she'll be looking for in the applications for Writing a Novel and what students can expect to have achieved at the end of the course.

JUNE UPDATE: Kristina will also be leading our new online course The Opening Chapter: Starting Fiction Strong and is one the mentors available for consultations in the new program Author to Author.

Read Kristina Olsson's interview here.

Jean Ross2016 Writing a Novel graduate Jean Ross on the path to publication

Jean Ross's story on building her skills and searching for a publisher shows that persistence pays off.

Read Jean's story here.

Patti MillerPatti Miller on Writing True Stories

Patti Miller, answers our questions about writing true stories and what students can expect to experience in her course.

Read on for Patti's interview.

Chandu BickfordChandu Bickford, winner of the 2019 Faber True Stories Scholarship

Chandu Bickford, writes of a lifetime of stories and writing practice and the impact participation in Patti Miller's course has on her writing.

Read on for Chandu's discussion.

Kirstie Bedford2019 Faber scholarship winner Kirstie Bedford on how a creative writing course will improve your manuscript

Kirstie Bedford, 2019 Faber scholarship winner, editor, and journalist for more than two decades, talks about why courses are so valuable to the creative writing process.

Read on for Kirstie's discussion.

Lawrence coverAre you the parent of a budding writer aged 9+?

Author Caroline Lawrence has sent us a letter for kids who think that it might be fun to write a book. This school holidays we thought if might be fun if you shared this advice with your emerging young writer and worked together on a few tips for getting writing started.

How to Write a Great Story will be available in November 2019

Read on for Caroline's tips.

Arnold ZableArnold Zable on Writing a Life

Over the years of running my ‘Writing a Life’ workshop, I have heard so many great ideas for stories. Here is a list of some of the things I have learnt about life writing in response to these ideas — both as a practitioner and as a workshop facilitator.

Read on for Arnold's list.

Kathryn HeymanKathryn Heyman. Course Director, on Getting Started

You want to write a novel. You've always wanted to write a novel. And yet, every time you sit down to write it, you are distracted by an overwhelming compulsion to clean the oven, phone your mother or feed the dog.

Read on for Kathryn's advice on how to get going.

Anna Fienberg editAnna Fienberg on Writing for Children

Anna Fienberg AM, is returning to Faber Writing Academy to teach her four week course Writing for Children - Beginners. We asked her to share her experience of telling stories to children, finding inspiration and ideas and which children's writers she likes to read.

Read more here.

Sam editSamantha Kent, Senior Editor at Allen and Unwin, suggests FIVE WAYS to edit your writing more effectively

Drawing on many years of experience, Sam makes the following suggestions:

1. Turn off the moving pictures
2. Every word must pay its way
3. Phone a friend
4. Get some distance
5. Do your homework

Read more here.

MistakesMark Mordue and Angela Meyer on the importance of being able to edit your own work

Our new course Editing Your Own Writing concentrates on a skill that every successful professional writer should master. The course will be taught in Sydney by Mark Mordue and in Melbourne by Angela Meyer. We asked them to talk about their experiences as both editor and writers.

Read their responses here.

Erin MiddletonErin Middleton on winning the 2020 Scholarship for Writing a Novel - Sydney

Erin wrote that being given a scholarship for Faber Writing Academy’s Writing A Novel course was an unbelievable joy. I have grown wider and deeper as a writer, learnt a variety of new skills to generate and refine material, and significantly extended my manuscript.

Read Erin's full post here.

Carrie TiffanyFinding Your Voice with Carrie Tiffany

Spring Sale Price $ 720/$ 610 alumni

When you are just getting started as a writer it can be tricky to find your material and discover the story you want to tell. CarrieTiffany's new course will help. We asked Carrie to tell us more about this new five week program.

Read more here