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Open night

Join us when we throw open our doors to welcome prospective students.

Meet our course directors and hear past students talk about their course experiences.

6.30-8.00pm, Thursday, 15 November
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6.30-8.00pm, Thursday, 22 November
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The 2017 Writing a Novel Anthology

Read some of the work from the 2017 and 2016 Anthologies on the Tablo website

Faber Anthology 2017

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Beginnings. And Endings.
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22 September Sydney
Dr Stephanie Dowrick is one of our most experienced and appreciated tutors. Here she is offering a highly interactive one-day workshop for writers aiming to get their work to a more professional or a more personally satisfying level.
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Beginnings. And Endings. Sydney

Plot & Structure
13 October Melbourne
This workshop will hope to answer, or at least open up for consideration, a range of pertinent questions. What are the different types of plot? Do you even need one? How do you find a plot if you want one but they're not your thing? How do you maintain intensity and momentum with varied pacing?
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Plot & Structure. Melbourne

Transform Your Character
20 October Sydney
The creative producer and adaptor of the international cult film Fight Club will reveal the key to creating compelling characters and how to use plotting and structure to create transformation in those characters.
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Transform Your Character

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Faber Anthology 2016
Alumni success
Faber Writing Academy Alumni have had tremendous success in being published. This pile grows a little more with each year. Click through to see some of our highlighted titles.