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The 2017 Writing a Novel Anthology

Read some of the work from the 2017 and 2016 Anthologies on the Tablo website

Faber Anthology 2017

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Saturday 2 June, Melbourne:
Senior Kids & YA book editor, Elise Jones' gives feedback on your manuscript at her
Feedback and Workshopping Day.

Saturday 16 June, Melbourne:
Miles Franklin Award Winner
, Sofie Laguna, teaches Fiction Writing - Beginners.

School holiday workshops for teens
Tues 10 July
Wed 11 July
(family of alumni receive 15% off)

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Faber Anthology 2016
This author completed our Getting Published course (next running Saturday 11 August in Sydney & Melbourne) and has since had her debut novel published. Into the World is based on an incredible true story of the woman who joined a voyage to Australia during the French Revolution disguised as a man.