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Open night

Join us when we throw open our doors to welcome prospective students.

Meet our course directors and hear past students talk about their course experiences.

6.30-8.00pm, Thursday, 22 November
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The 2019 Faber Writing Academy Scholarship program will allow three successful applicants to enrol for free.

For more information and details on how to apply visit our Scholarships page.

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Start to Write
17 November Sydney
SELLING FAST - just one place available

You've got great ideas. What do you do next?
Start to Write is a one-day writing course to kick-start your writing life. You'll get the hands-on teaching you need to start writing from acclaimed writers - Paddy O'Reilly in Melbourne, and Claire Corbett in Sydney. You'll be writing there and then, getting instant responses, experimenting with structure and techniques, plus gaining tips on what to do next to start your writing life.
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Writing a Life with Arnold Zable
24 November Melbourne
There are many ways of writing a life. This one-day course will help you find the best way to write your life story, how to bring your recollections and research into family history to life, and how to write in a way that will hold the reader.
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Writing a Life

(family of alumni receive 15% off)

Do any course with us & get our 15% alumni discount off all future courses.


Faber Anthology 2018

Faber Writing Academy 2018 Writing a Novel Anthology

Each year the Faber Writing Academy issues a limited-edition print anthology featuring the work of students from both the Sydney and Melbourne Writing a Novel courses.


Faber Anthology 2016
Alumni success
Faber Writing Academy Alumni have had tremendous success in being published. This pile grows a little more with each year. Click through to see some of our highlighted titles.