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The 2017 Writing a Novel Anthology

Read some of the work from the 2017 and 2016 Anthologies on the Tablo website

Faber Anthology 2017

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Getting Published: Insider reveals how to get your foot in the door
11 August in both Sydney and Melbourne.
One-day course offering aspiring writers the opportunity to find out what really goes on inside a publishing house, how publishers make their choices and how to improve one's chances of publication.
Course details:
Getting Published - Sydney
Getting Published - Melbourne

Getting Published as a Writer for Children
8 September Sydney
15 September Melbourne
Are you a new writer for children? This program will help answer your questions about what publishers are looking for, which publishers will be interested in your work, how to polish and submit work and much more.
Course details:
Getting Published as a Writer for Children, Sydney
Getting Published as a Writer for Children, Melbourne

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Faber Anthology 2016
This author completed our Getting Published course (next running Saturday 11 August in Sydney & Melbourne) and has since had her debut novel published. Into the World is based on an incredible true story of the woman who joined a voyage to Australia during the French Revolution disguised as a man.