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The 2019 Faber Writing Academy Scholarship program will allow three successful applicants to enrol for free.

For more information and details on how to apply visit our Scholarships page.

Faber Anthology 2018

Faber Writing Academy 2018 Writing a Novel Anthology

Each year the Faber Writing Academy issues a limited-edition print anthology featuring the work of students from both the Sydney and Melbourne Writing a Novel courses.


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True Stories: Writing Memoir and Narrative Non-fiction
1 February - 24 May 2019 (Friday mornings)
This four-month intensive course with Patti Miller and guests, is for writers, or intending writers, who want to concentrate on memoir or narrative non-fiction. A practical craft-based course, based on readings, discussion and exercises, it offers the opportunity to develop several chapters under expert guidance. It will develop skills and explore the richness of the genre along with the joys, challenges and possibilities for the writer of 'true stories'.
Course details:
True Stories

Writing for Children and Young Adults
26 February - 5 June 2019 (Wednesday evenings)
This course, with Martine Murray and guests, will cover the elements required to create a stand-out manuscript. You will discover how to craft a compelling story, memorable characters, authentic dialogue and an evocative setting. You will learn about your audience and the themes and language suited to different age groups. The course will also discuss what publishers are looking for and how to convince them that you are worth publishing.
Course details:
Writing for Children and Young Adults

Writing a Novel Stage 1
5 March - 28 May 2019 (Tuesday evenings)
For aspiring novelists ready to leap in, this course will guide you through the process of planning and beginning your novel, developing skills in writing from scratch and establishing a writing practice. Using a combination of targeted writing exercises, group discussion and carefully selected examples, the focus of this course will be on your own writing, with the aim of ending the course with a substantial body of new writing, heading towards a first draft of your novel.
Course details:
Writing a Novel Stage 1 - Sydney
Writing a Novel Stage 1 - Melbourne

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Faber Anthology 2016
Alumni success
Faber Writing Academy Alumni have had tremendous success in being published. This pile grows a little more with each year. Click through to see some of our highlighted titles.