Writing Crime Fiction

w/ Ashley Kalagian Blunt and guests

Successful crime fiction writers may find their work on bestseller lists and even making the leap to movie and television screens. The writing can be hardboiled, action-packed, even philosophical in nature, making crime fiction a diverse genre. This course will take you through the fundamentals of crime fiction, while affording you space to develop your own craft.

Wednesdays 6.30pm – 8.30pm (AEST), 15 May – 19 June 2024

$620 / $ 527 alumni

Crime fiction can be as much a mystery to writers as it is to readers. While the reader tries to figure out ‘Whodunnit?’, the aspiring writer might ask ‘Howdunnit?’ In this 6-week program, the author Ashley Kalagian Blunt will reveal exactly how she does it in her popular novels.

Working together you will explore crime fiction sub-genres and the rules they operate by – which rules you can bend and which you can break. You will explore the various types of protagonists and antagonists. Structure is essential, so you will be shown the ins and outs of plotting and planning effective crime fiction.

Throughout, the focus will be on helping you develop your own work, whether you are coming into the class with the glimmer of an idea or have a substantial work already in progress. Weekly class exercises will help you push ahead.

By the end of the course you should have gained an understanding of the important elements and techniques of crime fiction, while having had the chance to develop and extend your writerly skills. In the final session – the denouement – you will have the chance to hear from a leading publisher of crime fiction to gain a better understanding of the Australian market.

Your course includes:

  • A complimentary copy of a recent A&U crime fiction publication
  • On completion of the course, alumni discounts on future Faber Writing Academy courses and books from the Allen & Unwin website.

Writers you'll be working with:

Ashley Kalagian Blunt

Ashley Kalagian Blunt is the number one bestselling author of Dark Mode, an internationally published psychological thriller. Her earlier books include How to Be Australian, a memoir, and My Name Is Revenge, collected fiction and essays, which was a finalist in the 2018 Carmel Bird Digital Literary Award. Her writing appears in the Sydney Morning Herald, Overland, Griffith Review, Sydney…

Course outline

Session 1: Wednesday 15 May: Introductory Session: Sub-Genre, Rules, Means, Opportunity and Motive

  • Introductions, course outline and goals
  • Outline of the crime fiction genre and sub-genres
  • Means, Opportunity and Motive

Session 2: Wednesday 22 May: Main Character and Plot

  • Who is your crime fighter – or are they the criminal?
  • Main character: from small details to the big picture
  • Is your story plot driven or character driven?

Session 3: Wednesday 29 May: Victim, Villain and the Supporting Cast with guest speaker

  • Who is your first victim?
  • Who is your villain?
  • Your supporting cast: suspects, lies and alibis

Session 4: Wednesday 5 June: Structure and Narrative Drive 

  • How do you structure your story?
  • How do you keep readers turning the pages?

Session 5: Wednesday 12 June: Setting and Evidence with guest speaker

  • Setting as a character
  • Clues, red herrings and types of evidence
  • Police procedurals and journalism in crime fiction
  • Ask a crime writer Q&A

Session 6: Wednesday 19 June: Research and Where to From Here? With guest publisher.

  • Researching: forensic science and crime scene investigation tips
  • Where to from here? Associations and competitions
  • Class discussion on taking your story forward
  • Hear from a leading publisher about the crime fiction market

How to Book

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To secure your place in Writing Crime Fiction you can choose to pay the full course fee ($620/ $527 alumni) or the deposit ($220/ $187 alumni).

If you pay the deposit only, two further payments of $200/ $170 alumni will be required, the first by 26 May and the second by 9 June 2024. Payment instructions will be sent closer to the time.