Writing a Novel Online

w/ Carrie Tiffany and guests

For emerging novelists ready to dive in and make the commitment to complete a full manuscript, this rigorous three-stage course will guide you through the process of planning and beginning your novel, developing essential skills in writing and composition, as well as establishing a dedicated writing practice.

Tuesdays 6.30pm – 8.30pm, 25 February – 23 September 2025

 $5900/ $5015 alumni


Using a proven combination of targeted writing exercises, group discussions and carefully selected examples, the focus of this course will be on your own work, with the aim of ending the course with a substantial body of new writing, heading towards a complete first draft of your novel.

In the second half of the program you will continue to develop craft and technical skills required to turn a rough draft into a work of art. Using exercises focused on your own work, you’ll finish the course with a deep understanding of the novelist’s craft and how it applies to your own novel. These are lessons you can carry with you throughout your writing life.

Presented by Australia’s leading independent publishing house, Writing a Novel: Online is a targeted program specifically designed to help you find the focus you need to stay the distance and finish your manuscript draft throughout the year. During this time, your Course Director will provide you with:

Regular online classes covering everything from the first conception of an idea through to getting words on a page, narrative structure and style.

• Dedicated guidance from your experienced Course Director, as well as industry guests.

Personalised individual consultation on your project from your Course Director.

Support to progress your novel through classroom learning and close reading exercises. Outside of your workshops, you will be encouraged to devote as much time as possible between classes to writing.

• The ability to connect with fellow committed novelists, building a close-knit community of trusted readers.

• The opportunity to establish valuable industry connections with key insiders from the Australian publishing. There is no better way to get on the road to publication than to meet the people who know how to make that happen.

In addition to dedicated course work, students who complete Writing a Novel will be invited to submit to the digital exclusive version of the Faber Writing Anthology, a professionally edited and designed showcase of student work, sent out to leading literary agents and publishers in both Australia and the United Kingdom. During the course, you will meet with the editor who works on the anthology and have the chance to see an extract of your novel professionally edited.

Writers you'll be working with:

Carrie Tiffany

Carrie Tiffany was born in West Yorkshire and grew up in Western Australia. She spent her early twenties working as a park ranger in Central Australia and now lives and works in Melbourne. Her first novel, Everyman’s Rules for Scientific Living, was shortlisted for the Orange Prize, the Miles Franklin Literary Award, the Guardian First Book…

Course outline

The course consists of 22 online evening sessions (Tuesdays 6.30pm to 8.30pm AEDT/AEST), 6 half-day sessions (Saturdays 1.00pm to 4.00pm) and an additional evening session dedicated to the Faber Writing Anthology.

Session 1: Tuesday 25 February

Session 2: Tuesday 4 March
The workshop process

Session 3: Saturday 8 March

Session 4: Tuesday 11 March

Session 5: Tuesday 18 March
Point of View

Session 6: Saturday 22 March
Guest author and introduction to dialogue

Session 7: Tuesday 25 March

Session 8: Tuesday 1 April
Dialogue – tension and subtext

Session 9: Tuesday 8 April
Dialogue exercises


Session 10: Tuesday 29 April

Session 11: Saturday 3 May
Place and setting

Session 12: Tuesday 6 May
Introduction to character

Session 13: Tuesday 13 May
Author guest and more on character

Session 14: Tuesday 20 May
Establishing your writing practise

Session 15: Tuesday 27 May
Project check in and writing exercises


Session 16: Tuesday 22 July

Session 17: Tuesday 29 July
Introduction to plot and structure

Session 18: Tuesday 5 August
Pattern and design in narrative

Session 19: Saturday 9 August
Backstory, time shifts and narrative time

Session 20: Tuesday 12 August
Research, ethics and appropriation

Session 21: Tuesday 19 August
Editing your work and guest editor

Session 22: Tuesday 26 August
Synopsis, blurbs and pitches

Session 23: Saturday 30 August
Editing processes and modelling exercise

Session 24: Tuesday 2 September
Reading your work – voice coach

Session 25: Tuesday 9 September
A&U editor guest – anthology Q&A

Session 26: Saturday 13 September
Titles and covers

Session 27: Tuesday 16 September
Literary agent guest

Session 28: Tuesday 23 September
Final readings. Where to from here? Advice for completion.

Please note the exact course content could be adjusted according to the experience and concerns of the group and availability of guest writers. The detail of the course is at the discretion of the Course Director and Faber Writing Academy at Allen & Unwin.

Praise for this course

‘Carrie’s teaching is excellent – consistently thought provoking, highly detailed and targeted. It’s evident that Carrie is very passionate about teaching the course and that she cares about our work.’

‘Carrie Tiffany was an exceptional instructor. She is one of the most intelligent and thought provoking people I have met who has indisputably improved and impacted my writing like nothing else.’

‘Carrie was just brilliant. She set up the class norms very clearly early on, and fostered a wonderful culture of openness, respect and critical yet constructive feedback.’




How to Apply

To apply for Writing A Novel, we ask that students first apply through our scholarship program, which involves submitting:

  • An online application answering several questions asked by our Writing a Novel tutor
  • An attachment with a sample of up to 1,000 words of prose

The selective process ensures that all applicants are applying for the course best suited to their needs and allows the tutor to determine your readiness for the course. Submit your application here.

What happens if I am accepted?

If you are accepted into Writing a Novel Online, you will be sent an email inviting you to take your place in the course from the Faber Writing Academy at Allen & Unwin team. In order to secure your spot, you will be asked to pay a deposit of $590 / $501.50 (alumni). The deposit will count as your first monthly instalment. Students may choose to pay the full course fee or settle the remainder at any point.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss further payment plan options via email or phone (02) 8425 0171.