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We caught up with Faber Writing Academy graduate Rob McDonald at the Emerging Writer's Festival. Here's what he had to say about the Faber Writing Academy experience.

'I went from being someone who had kept his writing hidden to calling myself a writer.'
Rob McDonald, Writing a Novel (2016). His first book The Nancys will be published by Allen & Unwin in 2019.

Sienna Brown's first novel Master of My Fate, will be published by Penguin Random House on 7 May 2019. She told us about the impact the Writing a Novel course had on her path to publication.

'As soon as the Faber Academy Writing a Novel Course was over - I wished I could start again. By the end of the six months, I was saturated with an over flowing of knowledge about the craft of writing. Craft skills that have stood the test of time again and again since then. I had written screenplays and documentary treatments before attending, but I quickly discovered that writing a novel was a whole other ball game.

Under the guidance of the masterful Kathryn Heyman and wonderful guest lecturers I experienced the gamut of the literary world and what's involved in just getting the writing done.

Starting from walking up the stairs to the beautiful workshop room overlooking the city and being inspired by the book shelves lined with published books, to the last networking night - each weekly session took us further and further down the rabbit hole giving us clear guidelines about key elements like - themes, genre, structure, plot, characterisation, dialogue, storytelling - with follow-up exercises and homework to embed the lessons as well as being expected to present chapters from one's manuscript. It was also wonderful to meet fellow writers, some of whom I have stayed in touch with since the course and are now my invaluable readers. It was six months of intense emotional highs and lows as all creative endeavours are, and well worth it, because by the end I knew I was on my way to becoming a novel writer.'

Writing a Novel

True Stories

Ready to Submit?

Facts to Fiction

The Writers' Workshop

Writing for Children (Melbourne)

Getting Started

Writing for Children - Beginners (Sydney)

Getting Published as a Writer for Children

Writing the Past

Editing Fundamentals

Start to Write

How to Write the Novel in You

Writing a Life

Short Story Masterclass

Writing Young Adult Fiction

Revise, Revise, Revise

Fluency and Insight

Telling the Truth

Getting Published

Transform your Character

Fiction Writing Workshop - Beginners


Feedback & Workshopping

Winter Fiction Boot Camp



Writing a Novel

‘It’s been a wonderful learning experience – can’t wait for next semester!’ Anon, Melbourne, 2018

‘I learned so much from Toni, and my novel is in a much better place because of her.’ Anon, Melbourne, 2018

‘This has been such a fantastic course and it has helped my writing immensely.’ Stephanie, Melbourne, 2018

‘I found Paddy’s feedback and encouragement enormously helpful.’ Dave, Melbourne, 2018

‘Very good, by far the best writing course I’ve done.’ Kath, Sydney, 2018

‘I think this course has given me a chance to produce a publishable manuscript.’ Bret, Sydney, 2018

‘Delighted to have done this course. Really appreciated its practical nature.’ Christine, Sydney, 2018

‘It gave me a better understanding of what it means to write and to practice the habit of writing.’ Alessandra, Sydney, 2018

(Tutor – Kathryn Heyman) ‘Extremely intelligent, funny, clever and helpful.’ Leigh, Sydney, 2018

'The individual feedback was fantastic - both the session with the tutor and in our feedback groups on Saturdays. The atmosphere was always very relaxed and welcoming. No question was deemed too "dumb" to ask. I think we all felt comfortable and safe. Like most things in life, I think you get out of the course what you put in. I feel my second draft has improved immeasurably. A fantastic educational experience. Worth every penny! ' - Simon, Sydney, 2016

'The enthusiasm and genuine nature of the tutors, and their practical knowledge is great and has helped me improve my writing MASSIVELY!' - Anon, Melbourne, 2016

'This course exceeded my expectations and truly was a lovely experience. The group was full of great writers who all supported each other. Kathryn and James are both highly knowledgeable and generous, skilled teachers. Exceeded my expectations!' - Katy, Sydney, Writing a Novel - Stage 2, 2016

'Toni and Paddy's support has been pivotal. The course is definitely value for money.' - Katherine, Melbourne, Writing a Novel - Stage 2, 2016

'I loved the practical exercises and technical approach to problem solving. Also the guests were fantastic. The teaching style was very diplomatic and constructive. It's been so good - thank you.' - Diana, Sydney, 2016

'Toni and Paddy have been an amazing, encouraging support - mentors as well as teachers.' - Rob, Melbourne, Writing a Novel - Stage 2, 2016

'Kathryn and James make learning the craft contagious if not downright addictive. Their humour, knowledge and simple plain advice get you through the tough times.' - Charles, Sydney, 2016

'Fabulous teachers & writers.' Anon, Melbourne, 2016

'Kathryn was my tutor and she was inspirational, supportive and challenging - a great mix. I will totally miss her passion and energy and motivation.' Linda, Sydney, 2016

'Excellent writing exercises that drew attention to specific skills as ways to improve your writing.' - Sherryn, Melbourne, 2016

'My expectations have been surpassed. I have done a couple of creative writing courses before but none that have made me feel that I have become a better, more confident writer. I heard about the courses through a friend and I agree with what she said 'There is no other courses I would spend my time or money on. It's nice to know that there are those within the industry working so hard to support us fledgling writers.' - Lindsay, 2016

'I have done writing courses before but this far outstrips any of them: the fundamentals of voice, plot, turning points, technical structures, have been invaluable. Engaging, encouraging and incredibly knowledgeable.' - Lindsay, Sydney, 2016

'Every week I learnt new tools which I could use straight away. It helped me at a macro and micro level. The teaching style made me want to write more and gave me confidence in my own writing. The course exceeded my expectations.' - Rob, Melbourne, 2016

'It helped me clarify the direction of my novel and think about what is missing. I feel motivated and ready to move on.' - Kelli, Sydney, 2016

'I feel like I've achieved a great breakthrough in my writing due to the expert tutoring.' - Anon, Melbourne, Writing a Novel - Stage 1, 2016

'Fantastic course tutor, warm, generous, engaging, so knowledgeable.' - Anon, Sydney, 2016

'All the aspects involved in writing were most helpful e.g. narrative drive, point of view, language, dialogue, formatting, workshopping, all of it really.' - Renee, Melbourne, 2016

'The teaching was helpful and uniquely insightful. I didn't entirely know what to expect but the course was value for money and more. I was very reassured by the whole environment.'- Anon, Sydney, 2016

'I have had such a great experience. I loved both teaching styles and found learning from published authors most helpful.' - Jean, Melbourne, 2016

'Technical advice, support and advice was the most helpful about the course as well as group interaction and support.' - Stephen, Sydney, 2016

'The course is absolutely value for money. Practical, engaging and warm style of teaching.' - Nada, Melbourne, 2016

'Practical. Inspirational' - Aziza, 2016

'Excellent suggestions got me through a rather complex problem with the story arc.' - Katherine, Melbourne, 2016

'Toni provided direct and constructive feedback and support, great tips and went out of her way to make sure I was on track. She has been a great source of encouragement and has a great sense of humour. Paddy provided a relaxed and very supportive approach, such great ideas and tips, very open to new ideas and there was lots of laughter in class. I had the best time meeting Toni, Paddy and classmates as well as all the guests. The information I learnt is invaluable and will make me a better writer.' - Anonymous, Melbourne, 2015

'I was thorough in my research when choosing writing courses and found none could compare to the Faber course. It met all my expectations and gave me the tools to do things I didn't believe I could. It was definitely value for money and I am glad I invested my money and time in this course.' - Stephanie Kentepozidis, Melbourne, 2015

'The course exceeded my expectations and is value for money. I could not have had a better tutor. Kathryn was engaging and entertaining and I have learnt so much from her.' - Kim Astill, Sydney, 2015

'The writing exercises took me to places I wouldn't have gone on my own. Toni's positivity and detailed feedback were very useful and reassuring. Paddy was also very insightful and encouraging.' - Michelle Wright, Melbourne, 2015 who was subsequently shortlisted for the Award for an Unpublished Manuscript in the 2015 Victorian Premier's Literary Awards

'I found every single session of Writing a Novel useful and productive. I have always worked alone and had reservations about a long program of close work with a group but it has been a wonderfully rewarding experience. I cannot think of thing that could have been done better or that I would want done differently.' - Janine Dickinson, Sydney, 2015

'Thanks to all at Faber Academy. I learnt so much doing that course.' - Debra Jopson, Sydney, 2011.
Debra's first novel, Oliver of the Levant was published bu Random House in 2016.

'Getting constant feedback from industry experts was extremely helpful . . . I learned a lot that I can apply to my own work both now and in the future . . . More than returned the money I paid for this course.' - James Walden, Melbourne, 2013

'The Faber Academy Novel Writing course gave me a much needed framework and deadlines to work seriously on my novel with the benefit of proper feedback from experienced novelists. Listening to the guest authors reveal their writing processes and offer practical advice to new writers was priceless. Almost as importantly, the weekly meetings and day workshops with other attendees, all grappling with their own books, dispersed a little of the loneliness of writing and became a kind of mutual therapy that I think we all missed very much when the course ended.' - Joanne Riccioni, Sydney, 2011. Joanne's first novel The Italians at Cleat's Corner Store was published by Scribe in 2014.

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True Stories

‘Patti is very inclusive and supportive. She can be tough when required. Her most effective teaching is when she explains her personal writing challenges, including mis-steps and regrets. Her experiences and insights are invaluable.’ – Amanda, Sydney, 2018

‘I thought Patti was great. She gently kept things on track, despite a very diverse and strong-willed group. Her feedback was insightful and useful, and she delivered it sensitively.’ – Toby, Sydney 2018

'The course kickstarted my return to writing after a long absence, it gave me deadlines to meet, encouraging feedback, a recognition that I could fit writing into my life and a community of writers to continue to work with at the end. Eight of us have continued meeting in a monthly writing group, supporting each other's writing. We are all very different but Patti made the class a very safe place to share our stories and, with that foundation, we have been able to continue.' - Louisa Costa, Sydney, 2015

'Patti is the writing whisperer! She taught me how to stop daydreaming and to get writing. I couldn't have written my memoir without her.' - Jessica Rowe, Sydney, 2013. Jessica's memoir Is this my beautiful life? was published by Allen & Unwin in 2016.

'I had finished a first draft of the book and hated it . . . did the course over a six month period and forced myself to finish it in that time. The course was fantastic because it gave me confidence to continue. All the writers in the group were encouraging and for the first time I started to believe what I had to say was worthwhile. The course gave me confidence to continue.' - Jayne Newling. Sydney, 2013
Jayne wrote Missing Christopher during the course and it has since been published by Allen & Unwin. The quotation above was taken from interview by Megalong Books.

Patti is superb, experienced and gives well-constructed, helpful criticism. She has improved my writing immeasurably.' - Rebecca Poulson, Sydney, 2013. Rebecca's memoir Killing Love was published by Simon & Schuster in 2015.

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How to Write the Novel in You

'I came away with a clear direction for my writing - both the approach to the writing and the story itself.' - Simon Shields, Sydney, 2014

'This course met all my expectations . . . I had the most useful and enjoyable weekend - one that made a difference to the direction of my life.' Anonymous, Sydney, 2014

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Facts to Fiction

'Lisa is a great teacher. Structured, relaxed, open and helpful.' Anonymous, Melbourne, 2014

'Lisa (Lang) did a fabulous job . . . She put so much of herself into the day. I've been to a few courses during my writing career and she was by far the best. And she was time focused – a simple thing but so rare.' - Glen Thomson, 2013, Melbourne

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The Writers' Workshop

'I found the depth and insights of Stephanie's approach most inspiring and helpful. I also appreciate her insistence on a non-competitive approach, so very important when struggling to be real and authentic on the page.' - Sheridan Rogers, Sydney, 2014

'[Stephanie Dowrick] began a class with… a talk about the subject matter, reading from examples along the way. I found these absolutely enlightening. Stephanie is a masterful teacher and I feel so lucky to be learning from her. She has created a safe environment where feedback can be positive, nourishing and encouraging yet real and useful.' - Juliette O'Brien, Sydney, 2014

'Stephanie Dowrick is an inspirational tutor and more than that, also a mentor and guide. She also has excellent practical suggestions and observations on technique.' - Penelope Ransby, Sydney, 2014

'It was an adventure in writing and a rich life experience.' - Katy Morgan, Sydney 2014

'It was an exhilarating experience. In the process we began to observe more closely and think more deeply, read with more appreciation and feel more able to express ourselves in language.' - Helen Greenacre, Sydney, 2014

'Stephanie is brilliant at growing writers' confidence and individual clarity of vision.' - Sarah Menary, Sydney, 2014

'Stephanie (Dowrick) is a national icon of excellence. She encouraged us, one and all.' - Peter McGrath, Sydney, 2014

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Writing for Children (Melbourne)

‘I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this course and am most certainly a better writers because of it.’ Anon, Writing for Children and Young Adults, Melbourne, 2018

‘I learned so much from her. She’s hands-on – so good.’ Cathy, Writing for Children and Young Adults, Melbourne, 2018

'Comprehensive, informative, supportive and encouraging. Interesting speakers, realistic homework load. Delivery of feedback was respectful, realistic and encouraging and set the tone for others in the group, fostering a supportive network. Although the course was not cheap, I think the cost of it distilled the group to a small selection who were equally committed to their writing journey. The cost was, I think, matched by the level of professionalism and it motivated me to make the most of every moment of the learning experience. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to upskill to a more professional level. All the staff at Allen & Unwin were warm and welcoming and I think we were all inspired to want to be part of a publishing house that is so supportive of its writers.' - Kelly, Melbourne, 2016

'Did the course meet my expectations? Heck to the yeah! I wanted an intensive, in-depth course that would cover all the major elements of writing for children. What I got was all that, plus the opportunity to work with an amazing mentor, in a physical space that calls out for books to be written, all wrapped up in an atmosphere of support. The money spent is comparable to a unit in a university course but the outcome offered so much more. Where else could I get a three-month apprenticeship' with one of Australia's best writers? I'd also like to thank all the A&U Melbourne staff who made the running of the course possible. I was greeted with warmth by everyone that I encountered. I really appreciate the care and attention that was taken.' - Carolyn, Melbourne, 2016

'I have made a lot of progress in a short time. I appreciated the staff at Faber Writing Academy very much.' - Josie, Melbourne, 2016

'I learned an enormous amount and am keen to continue writing.' - Ellen, Melbourne, 2016

'The course was absolutely wonderful. It was such a joy getting together with everyone each week to discuss something everyone enjoys so much. The course structure and content were so helpful and I learnt so much. Martine was a fabulous teacher. The course materials were great and I have referred back to them numerous times. The venue was perfect - I could not imagine doing this course anywhere else.' - Kate Hutchings, Melbourne, 2014

'(The course) did meet my expectations and exceeded them. I wrote more than I anticipated I would.' - Leesa Allinson, Melbourne 2013

'Well, I certainly have all the tools and information I need to write a children's picture book. And a good one at that! Perhaps a series of short stories or a novel might come of it. There are no excuses now. Both Sally Rippin and Martine Murray have been exceptional teachers. Not only are their stories, style and different approaches to writing inspiring, but their knowledge and expertise in the area of children's writing is invaluable. If you are serious about writing for children, then this is the course for you. I loved it!' - Tanya Allison, Melbourne, 2013

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Writing for Children - Beginners (Sydney)

‘Anna was great! She really made me think and approach my writing differently.’ Anon, Writing for Children, 2018

'Eloquently delivered. Stimulating. Succinct and informative.' - Paul, Sydney, 2015

'Anna was very encouraging and gave great feedback.' - Georgina, Sydney, 2015

'I truly recommend her as a teacher for being informative and helpful.' - Anthony, Sydney, 2015

Getting Started

'For me as an absolute beginner it has given me a great place to start.' Anonymous, Melbourne, 2014

Getting Published

‘The course was fabulous and Annette Barlow taught me so much about approaching publishers by letter, synopsis writing and much much more. She is so encouraging and positive and I came away feeling more confident about my writing. On another note, the admin was fabulous and the printed material is a wonderful resource.’ - Antonette, Sydney, 2017

'So much focused, relevant information. Sue is a great presenter. This course exceeded my expectations.' Colleen Goth, Sydney, 2015

'So many pointers about process. Loved feedback session – enlightening to hear other perspectives on everyone's work. My first feedback on my writing, very reassuring.' Baska Bartsch, Sydney, 2015

'I've come away with invaluable information on the inside world of publishing' Lucy Bowler, Melbourne, 2014

'Sue's experience and insights were invaluable . . . I really, really enjoyed Sue's style – very engaging, interesting and obviously incredibly experienced.' - Michelle Harris, Sydney, 2014

'Inside knowledge - first hand - better than any "how to" book.' - Carol Goess, Melbourne, 2013

'Fantastic, productive day in an encouraging environment.' - Andrea Gillum, Melbourne, 2013


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Getting Published as a Writer for Children

'It was great how she gave so much information in such a short time, precisely and clearly. The course absolutely met my expectations and way above and is definitely value for money.' - Amanda, Melbourne, 2015

'Every question I had was answered.' - Juliet, Melbourne, 2014

'It was good to get an honest picture of children's publishing from those in the business. Very interesting.' - Kelli, Melbourne, 2014

'The course content was extremely informative. All of my major questions were answered.' - Michelle Lewry, Melbourne, 2013

'Having an inside look into the publishing process and the acquisitions process was invaluable.' - Astrid Scholte, Melbourne, 2013

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Writing the Past

'Faber Academy courses appeal to me because of the pedigree of the teachers and the publishing house, Allen and Unwin. I'm passionate about writing and wanted my manuscript to be of a quality I felt could be published or at least attract the attention of an agent. Creative writing is my passion but there are so many writing courses out there it was hard to choose which one would be right for me. During the Writing the Past course I met other writers who had the same interests as myself, I learnt how to access various databases, ethical considerations to take into account and the importance of perspective and issues relating to writing about a time period with values that are dissimilar to these modern times. We had the opportunity to do some exercises in class to cement in the techniques we were learning, and had a guided tour of the NSW Library with lessons on how to access their databases. As a result of doing this short course, I felt I had the strong basis to write my manuscript confidently and I was able to complete it fairly quickly. It's now waiting for consideration from a major publisher.' - Lisa Venables, author of the memoir, Saving Zali published by Pan Macmillan in 2014

'Helped me shape my project into something manageable. A very intimate course with a focus on us as individuals as well as a group.' - Carolyn Matthews, Sydney, 2013

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Editing Fundamentals

'I found most helpful seeing that the editing process is on-going i.e. previously published authors still work intensively on their writing, and that several early unpublished manuscripts can be seen as 'apprenticeship' works, rather than failures; the high level advice from such a senior person as Annette who is a fantastic teacher. She should be the head of a creative writing department at a university. Very friendly and approachable manner, yet manages to put her finger on exactly what is required, or uncover any discrepancy in the writing, very accurately and quickly. This was a very professional and inspiring course.'- Clarissa Bye, Sydney, 2014

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Short Story Masterclass

'I took 21 pages of scribbled notes (including the exercise Robin set), which is a fairly sound indication of the day's benefits. It was great having Robin's vast experience and accessible instruction for the day.' – Diana Jenkins, Sydney, 2016

'Robin's obvious depth of experience and deft approach provided a memorable introduction to the art of short story writing. Like everyone else, I took copious notes.' - Anne Fussell, Sydney, 2016

'Robin Hemley was a great presenter who broadened my short story horizons, gave me some new insights and crystallised many ideas for me. I found him a very empathic and generous presenter, thoughtfully responding and sharing his writing life with us.'- Megan de Kantzow, Sydney, 2016

'Thank you for a fabulous Short Story Masterclass. It was a rewarding and stimulating experience. Robin was engaging, humble and generous. There was a great wealth of material to take away and contemplate over the coming weeks.' – Adam Byatt, Sydney, 2016

'[most helpful] the depth of writing experience and reference to stories that demonstrated different points Robin made. Practical advice.' - Kahla Gerard, Sydney, 2016

'Everything he told us was instantly applicable and I really know how to move forward with improving my short story now. He's inspiring, humble and giving as a tutor.' - Sarah Menary, Sydney 2016

'Robin was a font of knowledge about many areas. He was extremely informative and helpful. Structure of the day was well-organised.' – Nina Macleod, Sydney, 2016

'Excellent material on short story beginnings and endings.' – Jenny Stapledon, Sydney 2016

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Start to Write


‘Paddy was terrific – full of extremely useful ideas and tips to get started. Everything was helpful.’ Angie, 2018

'Practical ideas, very effective examples and anecdotes, great exercises to get us writing.’ Danielle, 2018

'A great mix of theory and practice.' - Kim, Sydney, 2016

'The Start to Write workshop does exactly what it says. I'm now equipped with all the tools I need to start my journey to writing fiction.' - Amey, Melbourne, 2016

'A kick in the pants to start writing.' - Julia, Melbourne, 2015

'Very practical. Wonderful. Exceeded expectations. A bargain. ' - Kym Logan, Melbourne, 2015

'Delightful, very friendly and approachable, generous with answering questions.' - J Knibbs – Melbourne, 2015

'It was a terrific introductory course.' - Anonymous, Melbourne, 2015

'What a day! This course came at time when writing a novel seemed just too much – Toni has given me the confidence to just give it ago!' - Heather Zubek, Melbourne, 2015

'Thoroughly engaging and knowledgeable' - Pip Brandon, Sydney, 2014

'A lovely combination of expert knowledge, humour and sharing of personal experience' - Anonymous, Sydney, 2014

'Kathryn is fabulous – very down to earth and it is easy to feel inspired by her.' - Samantha Hawker, Sydney, 2014

'I've been to a lot of creative workshops, and this was one of the best - the atmosphere was non-critical and collaborative... I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone who wants to write but doesn't know where to start.' - Samantha, Melbourne, 2014

'Paddy was a fantastic tutor. I've done a lot of creative workshops and this was one of the best – the atmosphere was non-critical and collaborative, and the exercises she set were just broad enough to get the creative juices flowing without seeming overwhelming or scary. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone who wants to write but doesn't know where to start.' - Samantha Forge, Melbourne, 2014

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Writing a Life

'Arnold was just fantastic. I honestly enjoyed it all. I think it exceeded my expectations.' - Huda, Melbourne, 2016

'Very generous with his wisdom, great snippets of writing as examples from a range of writers. Clearly very experienced in writing but also teaching. Be prepared to take your previously mild ambition seriously!' - Anon, Melbourne, 2016

'Arnold was a very warm and generous presenter. I was blown away by the quality of storytelling from our tutor and the people in the group!' - Diane, Melbourne, 2016

'Inspirational and very approachable. Excellent value, better than expected. Arnold managed all levels of student really well.' - Anon, Melbourne, 2016

'A very thought provoking, stimulating and enjoyable experience.' - Anon, Melbourne, 2016

'Very impressive and helpful. Very valuable to meet with an experienced writer.' - Iain Buckland, Melbourne, 2015

'I particularly liked talking about point of view and hearing others' stories, problem solving around the table, and all the readings Arnold did, all the examples.' - Ilana Sharp, Melbourne, 2015

'Delightfully engaging, insightful and rich with knowledge. Arnold Zable is a Master of Craft.' - Anonymous, Melbourne, 2015

'Thanks Arnold for the specific input and a very useful day.' - Carolyn Mathers, Melbourne 2015

'Given me the confidence to start writing and stop doubting myself. Arnold was such an inspiring presenter. Thoroughly enjoyed it.' - Anonymous, Melbourne, 2015

'It was perfect. He was fabulous.' - Anonymous, Melbourne, 2015

Writing Young Adult Fiction

'The course exceeded my expectations. It followed the outline closely and was very well structured. Jaclyn was generous and engaging, and she provided great advice (her stimulation activities to break writer's block were fantastic). People beginning their novels and those near the end of their project would have been equally well catered for. Rather than telling us how to write for a YA audience, Jaclyn dropped us back into the teenage world. Her advice was generous; the writing exercises unique and stimulating. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone writing for teenagers.' - Sarah Price, Sydney, 2016

'Gained so many helpful ideas about how to move your story and it really helped me connect with the audience. She is a great teacher and really helped us develop our skills. I would do the course again. An excellent way to spend a Saturday!' - Kirsten, Sydney, 2016

'The writing exercises helped to inspire new ways of writing and new stories. I gained more confidence in delivering stories and reading my own work for feedback.' - Natalie, Sydney, 2016

'A lovely day, very valuable for my YA work. Jaclyn was lovely, supportive, warm, wise.' - Paulene, Sydney, 2016

'(Jaclyn) is a great teacher! She really helped us to develop our skills.' - Kirsten, Sydney, 2016

'(Jaclyn was) pleasant, patient, warm, encouraging, accepting of attendees' embarrassment.' - Jacqui, Sydney, 2016

'Jaclyn has real experience as a published author which is relevant and valuable. Excellent exercises. She was interested and approachable. I found the course informative and motivating. Venue itself is inspiring with books around. Take away book a nice touch.' - Anon, Sydney, 2016

'The tutor was very encouraging and observant. It was a helpful environment in which to practise writing and learn with others.' - Anon, Sydney, 2016

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Revise, Revise, Revise: honing and submitting your children's book

'Really engaging. After listening to her I feel inspired to edit (which if you think about it says a lot!) I found the in-depth look at the editing process, breaking the process down and tips about what strategies to employ most helpful. She was extremely practical and honest.' - Renee, Melbourne, 2016

'Elise packed a lot of valuable information into the day. Very interesting and encouraging, good to hear her experiences. Quite inspiring.' - Alison, Melbourne, 2016

'I found the information about structural editing and the editor's role most helpful. Elise made the editing process seem much less scary.' - Anon 1, Melbourne, 2016

'All sections very good - well-structured and informative. The course tutor was honest, informative, sharing.' - Ella, Melbourne, 2016

'Excellent.' - Anon 2, Melbourne, 2016

'Elise made the whole getting published thing feel so much more approachable!' - Anon, Melbourne, 2016

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Fluency & Insight

'Intimate small group. Stephanie is very compassionate and encouraging of each participant. Best workshop I have been to. We all had a chance to share. Very insightful hearing other writers going through similar experiences. Exceeded my expectation.' - Marcela, Sydney, 2016

'Very generous and nurturing. Feedback was careful and considered.' - Jane, Sydney, 2016

'The intimacy and personal nature of the group, small size, well-paced and balanced participation was most helpful.' - Jenn, Sydney, 2016

'Stephanie was wonderful. I feel inspired and excited. She made me see that I already have what I need - a natural teacher.' - Suzanne, Sydney, 2016

'All the writing prompts, the first poem, the settling exercises and the first line/last line exercises were very helpful. I loved Stephanie's personal style of giving her own anecdotes and addressing each one of us personally.' - Anon, Sydney, 2016

'The course exceeded my expectation. Excellent value for money. Every single aspect was most helpful.' - Eileen, Sydney, 2016

'Wonderful, warm and encouraging. Stephanie's encouragement, wisdom and openness was so helpful. It was good to be in a small, intimate, interactive group.' - Ashleigh, Sydney, 2016

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Ready to Submit?: Personalised feedback on your manuscript

'Jacinta clearly read my work carefully and had pages of notes in relation to her advice, questions and suggestions. Every one of them was gold for me.' Denise, Melbourne, 2018

'I found the session with Fiona Inglis encouraging and energising. We chatted easily about my twenty-page submission, the storyline and my writing. I will certainly incorporate Fiona's suggestions as I continue to re-write, re-shape and refine my manuscript ahead of seeking publication. The session was definitely worthwhile.' - Kathryn Coughran, Sydney, 2016

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Telling the Truth

'She's fabulous. Absolutely value for money. I will be back for another course. So informative.' - Liz, Sydney, 2016

'By discussing other memoirs, we were able to really get to grips with the difficulties and joys of truth writing. I loved Patti's manner and style. She is obviously very skilled and passionate and it beamed through the course. I left wanting more!' - Tegan, Sydney, 2016

'It helped me get clear on the different types of memoir, and why I might write one. It showed me that I can produce under pressure, and made me think about the stories I have to tell.'- Laurie

'Very knowledgeable and no judgment. Very enjoyable.' - Mandy, Sydney, 2016

'As a short course, I felt it hit all my benchmarks. Very enjoyable and consolidated my basic understanding of the genre.' - Edward, Sydney, 201

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Transform Your Character

'I've been to many different writing courses elsewhere over the past few years and this was the first time in a long time where I left feeling like I'd actually learnt something new. Ross is a fantastic tutor - he's both welcoming and wise.' - Zoe, Sydney, 2017

'Ross is a highly engaging, generous and knowledgeable teacher. He entertained the class with anecdotes about filmmaking and Hollywood, and showed new ways to approach character development, tension and plot. A wonderfully refreshing way to learn about story.' - Sarah, Sydney, 2017

'I loved every minute. Ross is brilliant... incredibly warm, inclusive, helpful, insightful, open and encouraging. I've learned so mucy.'- Eleanor

'First class... Really excellent and worthwhile day.' - Rob, Sydney, 2017

'Ross was thorough and thoughtful - he explained in great detail and was entertaining as well... The course met my expectations and helped clarify my thoughts. Great value for money.' - Teri, Sydney, 2017

Ross is a knowledgeable, personable and helpful presenter. He didn't begrudge students eating into his break time with questions. I was impressed.' - Marco, Sydney, 2017

Fiction Writing Workshop - Beginners

‘Extremely motivating. I’m leaving with some great new tools.’ Nicholas, Melbourne, 2018

‘Just a wonderful course, I have left inspired and rejuvenated.’ Amey, Melbourne, 2018

‘Sofie has a disarmingly frank and engaging teaching style… Her enthusiasm was contagious and I feel quite inspired to finally get cracking.’ Lynne, Melbourne, 2018

Feedback & Workshopping

‘…never a dull moment! Packed with information, and I’m very impressed with the standard. Will definitely consider future Faber courses.’ Maura, Melbourne, 2018

‘I’m thrilled with the day, and feel really empowered to improve my work, and find the courage to submit.’ Kath, Melbourne, 2018

‘Elise is a great teacher and was most encouraging. Her feedback to everyone was constructive and helpful.’ John, Melbourne, 2018

Winter Fiction Boot Camp

‘Individual tutorials NB. Really got a lot out of that and feedback from workshopping. Especially liked work on dialogue and plot.’ Renee, 2018

‘A great process for me to do the course because it made the decision to write real – witnessed by other people; serious, professional feedback.’ Anon, 2018

‘Having access to someone as experienced, professional and practical as Carrie was great. While I have a lot more work to do on my ms, I feel I gained a huge amount from her and the course.’ Marie, 2018

‘Carrie is present and focussed with each person’s work and offers terrific, constructive criticism that empowers you as a writer.’ Sherryn, 2018

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