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Getting Published as a Writer for Children with Jane Godwin and guest, Davina Bell

Are you a new writer for children? This one-day course offers an understanding of what goes on inside a publishing house, how publishers make their choices, how to give yourself the best chance of publication and what to expect from the publishing process. Learn more about the industry, explore different ways to build a strong story and become aware of common pitfalls.

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Your Brilliant Writing Career with Fiona Wright

What does it mean to be a writer? What does it really mean? What do you have to give of yourself, and what will you see in return?

In this special symposium, memoirist and poet Fiona Wright – the author of four critically acclaimed and award-winning books – will chart her course from aspiring writer to published author sharing the joys, the pitfalls and the lessons she learnt along the way.

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The Agent Engagement with Jane Novak

Securing a literary agent is often an important step towards publication, with an agent acting as an intermediary between writer and publisher. But how do you know if you’re ready to submit your manuscript to an agent for consideration? It is hard for any writer to know if their work is really ready – an opinion from an expert is invaluable.

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Electric Words

Rip up that blank page and write on the scraps! This experimental writing course will take your writing out of its comfort zone and into a place of excitement, interest and pleasure. This must attend course will help make your sentences come to life by looking at non-traditional ways of approaching the style and the structure of your manuscript.

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The Secret Life of Getting Published

A one-day course offering aspiring and emerging writers the opportunity to discover what really goes on inside a publishing house, how experienced publishers make their decisions and how to improve the chances of your manuscript being considered for publication.

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Start to Write

You've got great ideas or a burning desire to write. What do you do next? Start to Write is a one-day writing course to kick-start your writing life.

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Transform Your Characters

The creative producer and adaptor of the international cult film Fight Club will reveal the key to creating compelling characters and how to use plotting and structure to create transformation in those characters.

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Beginnings. And Endings

This highly engaging, interactive workshop focuses on beginnings, set-ups and openings - and where they take both writers and potential readers. Using each participant’s own work as a spring board, it focuses on the imaginative and craft skills needed to get a work started in the most compelling way possible, refining the start - or a number of ‘starts’ in a longer work. It also supports the vital push to finish sections or chapters or a longer work strongly and with conviction

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Teen Writers - Craft your way out of any situation!

This workshop will challenge teens with unexpected story situations and give them the tools to craft a creative response. Students with an interest in writing will benefit from learning a working writer’s process. Those who don't think they can write will gain confidence in their storytelling ability.

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Finish that Book! A Special 1 day Masterclass for Writers

This one-day masterclass is for writers who need assistance and encouragement to complete their manuscript

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The Unpredictable Plotter

A surprising and riveting plot is one of the best ways to keep your reader turning the pages. Whether you’re a plotter or a pantser (flying by the seat of your pants), this practical workshop will have your characters twisting and turning.

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Fluency & Insight - reaping the rewards of writing

Dr Stephanie Dowrick, one of our most experienced and appreciated tutors, is back teaching this popular one-day workshop for writers seeking renewed freshness and depth of inspiration. The day will offer very specific ideas and techniques to ensure that your writing experiences are immediately more rewarding.

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Telling the Truth
How much truth is too much? And how far can you bend it? Find out with award-winning memoirist Patti Miller.

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Writing Young Adult Fiction
In this one-day course, we will ask what makes a book a YA book, and what makes a YA book shine.

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Short Story Masterclass
The question of where to begin a story and where to end have plagued many a writer with a good idea.

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Start Your Novel in a Week
For one remarkable week, join acclaimed novelist and renowned creative writing teacher Kathryn Heyman and the creator of the film Fight Club, Ross Grayson Bell, to give your novel the best possible start.

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Short Story Workshop
A 2-hour workshop offering tips on starting, writing, editing and finishing a readable - and possibly publishable - short story.

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Editing Fundamentals
There is clear link between being able to revise your own work and the increased likelihood of publication. Learn the vital craft of how to edit your own work in this course run over three Thursday evenings and one Saturday.

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A Taste of Food Writing
Explore the science of taste and the language of food in this one-day workshop for both aspiring and published food writers.

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Masterclass: Picture Book Creators
This special masterclass held in partnership with the Australian Society of Authors (ASA) is aimed at published writers who are interested in writing in a new genre or unpublished writers receiving interest from publishers at submission level.

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How to Write the Novel in You
Everyone has a story to tell. Some of these stories demand to be told. The challenge for the teller is how to transport the story from head to page without succumbing to any of the pressing concerns that can confuse and demoralise. This weekend program will help you shape inspiration into a compelling read.

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Writing and Place: Exploring a sense of place in creative writing
Explore a sense of place in creative writing in this two-hour writing workshop.

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Writing Memoir
This intensive three-day workshop is not just concerned with the craft of writing memoir, but with the way that memoir enters fiction and other forms of nonfiction. The course discusses and explores the inevitability of memoir entering a writer's work and how to use it effectively.

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The Business of Writing: How to navigate your way through the changing publishing landscape
A unique one-day course that answers those questions most often asked by the aspiring writer. As an award-winning, best-selling writer who has also been an agent and an editor, Garth Nix is in a unique position to advise writers on how to navigate their way through the publishing landscape from the role of agents and how to get one, through to the economics of the book business.

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Troubleshooting Crime: Resolve your crime writing dilemma
Crime writing is a wide-ranging and creatively satisfying but often challenging genre. Troubleshooting Crime: Resolve your crime writing dilemma is a one-day interactive workshop to help the aspiring crime-writer directly target problems with their work and discover solutions.

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Writing the Past: Using history in fiction and non-fiction
A short course for those interested in incorporating history into their creative writing – whether literary fiction, genres such as crime, thriller, or romance fiction, biography or family history. This course combines discussion of genres of historical fiction and research techniques with practical writing exercises.

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Fiction Mining: Where to find the inspiration to start writing
Learn where ideas come from and how to find the inspiration to start writing in this two-hour writing workshop.

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Two Days to a Short Story
This course gives you the chance to take advantage of the growing market for the short form, and to have your work appraised by Tegan Bennett Daylight, a leading critic, teacher and practitioner of the form.

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Overcoming Writer's Block
You want to write. You have some great ideas and a strong desire to be published. You just need to get it all down. But why can it be so damned hard to move from impulse to action?

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