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The Agent Engagement with Jacinta di Mase

Securing a literary agent is often an important step towards publication, with an agent acting as an intermediary between writer and publisher. But how do you know if you’re ready to submit your manuscript to an agent for consideration? It is hard for any writer to know if their work is really ready – an opinion from an expert is invaluable.

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Creative Nonfiction Bootcamp

In this one-day course, you will learn the essentials for writing engaging and authentic nonfiction. Whether you’re planning to write first-person memoir or researched reportage, this course will help you find the best way to present your facts. Learn from someone who has successfully written in both modes.

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The Secret Life of Getting Published

A one-day course offering aspiring and emerging writers the opportunity to discover what really goes on inside a publishing house, how experienced publishers make their decisions and how to improve the chances of your manuscript being considered for publication.

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Winter Fiction Boot Camp

An intensive course run over three Saturdays to help you take your writing to the next level, You'll learn ways of keeping motivated and planning tools to assist with structure and plotting.

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Fiction Writing Workshop: beginners

This one day workshop explores the different ways characters hold the keys to plot, theme, tone and structure.

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Feedback & Workshopping Day - Revising your book for children & young adults

This full day of workshopping, including personalised feedback, offering an opportunity to get your writing in front of an editor from Australia’s biggest independent publishing house.

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Short Order Short Fiction

Have you ever written a story in five hours flat? Join Short Order Short Fiction and see it happen! Discover the pleasure of writing under pressure. Take home a fresh draft of a new story.

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Revise, Revise, Revise:
Honing and submitting your children's book, and what to expect from an editor

This one-day course is led by a Senior Editor of books for children and young adults at Australia's biggest independent publisher. Learn tools to improve your own writing prior to submission and what to expect from a professional editor.

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Finish that Book

A one day workshop for writers who need assistance and encouragement to get their manuscript to the completion stage.

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The Art of Story
First there is the story, or idea for a story, whether imagined or from real life. This one-day course will then answer the critical question—what is the best way to tell it? As fiction or non-fiction? Novel or memoir, short story or feature?

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Getting Started: Writing Fiction
Discover the tools you need to start writing and learn the basics of fiction, from creating memorable characters to finding your voice; plotting your story to making full use of your setting, in this one-day workshop with acclaimed novelist Carrie Tiffany.

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Fiction or Non-fiction: The many ways to tell a story
First there is the story, or idea for a story, whether imagined or from real life. Then there is the critical question—what is the best way to tell it? As fiction or non-fiction? Novel or memoir, short story or feature?

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Writing and Place
For most writers, 'where?' is the very first question they must ask themselves before they begin. A sense of place - of landscapes both external and internal - is everything, intrinsically linked to voice, story and character. But creating these textures is no easy task. This three-day intensive workshop involves writing exercises, workshopping and discussion of these issues.

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Fiction: The basics
In this one-day workshop covering character, voice, narrative structure, dialogue and metaphor, participants will be encouraged to discuss and explore some of the vital elements of fiction writing. With tips for finding and developing your story's heart, techniques for avoiding dead ends and wrong turns, and revitalising pieces you're stuck on, participants will come away with renewed energy for their work, specific tools to readdress their own weak spots, and fresh enthusiasm to get back to the desk.

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Masterclass: Picture Book Creators
This Masterclass is aimed at published writers who are changing genre or unpublished writers receiving interest from publishers at submission level. All participants will need to bring one of their completed manuscripts to work on.

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1% Inspiration (Or, Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?)
Ideas: How to have them, how to keep track of them, and how to develop them.

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Facts to Fiction
Facts to Fiction is a one-day workshop for people who want to draw on real stories - a slice of history, a family tale, a newspaper article - in order to create a work of fiction.

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