Writing submission requirements for:Elise Jones
Feedback & Workshopping Day -
Revising your book for children & young adults

with Elise Jones

Saturday 2 June 2018

Please forward your completed application form along with:
- For picture books, 1 or 2 full stories (1000 words each or less)
- For longer works for kids or teenagers, a synopsis (1 page maximum) + the first chapter/s (2000 words or less)

Please also include the following information:



Intended audience/age group for your project:

Any previous publications and/or awards or writing residencies, in list format:

A brief bio (just a few lines):

Your story’s genre (eg fantasy, mystery, romance, family drama, social issue, thriller, literary, memoir etc):

A one-sentence summary of the story (eg ‘An unrequited love story between a vampire and a teenage girl’/’A boarding-school story set in a school of magic’/‘An own-voice, child’s eye view of an escape from war-torn Vietnam’):

A book you see as a comparison title to yours:

A recent children’s or YA book you have read and liked:

Please submit this information within a single Word document by Monday 14 May 2018, to faberwritingacademy@allenandunwin.com

Note that all participants’ writing sample/information (but not contact details) will be shared with the class, via email, in advance. Please ensure you read all content before the class, to ensure you get the most out of the day. Print-outs will be supplied on the day.