2020 Writing a Novel scholarship winners reflect on their experience

CocoCoco Huang won the Writing a Novel Scholarship for the Sydney course.

'The Writing a Novel: Stage 1 course has completely changed the way I read my own writing and taught me to dig deeper and think more critically when crafting characters and narratives. I would highly recommend applying for the scholarship, even if you’re not sure where your story is going or your idea pushes against the conventions of a novel, because the skills you learn are comprehensive and fundamental to developing a good writing practice and craft.''

SanazSanaz Fatouhi won the Writing a Novel Scholarship for the Melbourne course.

'As a new mom, just when I felt like my life was about go on pause, the winning of the scholarship gave me confidence and the possibility not only to continue, but to be newly inspired by, my writing career. Working with Carrie and Paddy and their teaching has given me a container and a structure within which I have started writing a new novel. The weekly classes have really given me a structure and deadline towards which I work and in time an exciting new book will develop from these sessions.'

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