Jean Ross2016 Writing a Novel graduate Jean Ross told us about her path to publication

I completed Faber Writing Academy’s Writing a Novel First and Second Draft courses in Melbourne in 2016 with Rob McDonald and Katherine Kovacic, we used to swap manuscripts. I also completed the Writing for Children and YA course with Kirsty Murray. I was then offered a mentorship with Toni Jordan. Toni deep edited my last submission and I nearly died when I saw how much more I had to learn.

I found some online courses and did a further two years completing courses on structure, editing, dialogue, emotional cues, creating tension etc. etc. I completed twenty-four courses—many I did twice—the structure and editing courses I did three times. And I completed two —five-day immersions.

I started sending out submissions for The House Sitter, the first book in The Braes Series, early 2019. It made it to a couple of editor’s desks, but no one picked it up. I was then sent a link to a hybrid company—Authors Academy Elite. They give you the tools to sell, promote and market your books.

I am now on Amazon. My books are available to bookstores through Ingram Sparks, and I am starting my marketing campaign using the marketing tools.

The House Sitter book launch was a great success. I gave the profit from the sales to the RSPCA bushfire appeal - $790.00

I am now working on the final edit of my middle school book and am a third of the way through my second novel in The Braes Series - The Vets Wife.

It is all happening - and it all started at FABER!

Jean Ross

PS: The idea for The House Sitter was based on fact. We hired a house sitter to look after the horses and dogs while we were overseas. She was given a cottage next to the house and I planned to lock up the main house. As I was leaving, she asked if she could use the laundry and I gave her our house keys. A year later I met her father who thanked me for allowing his daughter to have a large weekend birthday party - in my house. I said it was my pleasure - I had no idea.

If you check out my website - I have started a blog showing my gorgeous dogs, horses and highlands cows!